Enzo Fernandez could be an ‘absolute bargain’ for Chelsea

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Chelsea signed the world cup winning star midfielder Enzo Fernandez in January. They signed him for a record fee of £107m from the portuguese club SL Benfica, as reported by BBC Sport. He’s currently on a wage of £180,000 a week at Stamford Bridge. Journalist, Simon Philips said this on Fernandez,

“Enzo Fernández is going to look like an absolute bargain once he starts scoring goals”

Simon meant to say that Enzo, who is currently earning £180k-a-week, will be a bargain for Chelsea once he adapts to the pace of the Premier League and starts scoring goals from his midfield position.

How has Enzo performed for Chelsea since his debut?

The Argentinian midfielder has been performing very consistenly for Chelsea since his debut on February 3, against Fulham at Stamford bridge. Infact, he’s been one of the best players for Chelsea for the last 2 months. Even though Chelsea are in a poor form and currently sit at 11th position in the Premier league, Enzo has been one of the few shining player within the team.

Even the German striker of Chelsea, Kai Havertz went on to say,

“Enzo Fernandez needs more time to get used to the pace and then he will start delivering more for the team”

Kai Havertz is spot on in his evaluation because even the fans can see that Enzo needs time to improve his synergy within the team. Once he manages to develop his connection with the players in the team, he’ll naturally start improving his stats. His distribution for the forward players can become a big asset as it will lead to creation of more goalscoring opportunities. Also, he will start becoming more lethal in front of goal and add to his goalscoring tally.

In conclusion, it is not whether Enzo can do it but its a matter of how much time it takes for him to start delivering better stats. Everyone knows that he’s got the skill to become a better player for Chelsea, it will all depend on how much time it takes for him to adapt more and more to the conditions of the premier league and become more lethal as a midfield player.

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