Enzo Fernandez states his opinion on the recent Chelsea transfer rumours

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There are numerous rumours surrounding the Chelsea midfielder Enzo Fernandez and his future with the club, which he has addressed.

The Blues‘ current strategy involved bringing some much needed fresh blood to the team, which is threatening to young Fernandez. Indeed, the club has made extreme moves when it comes to player placement despite seeing the consequences of their actions.

However, the player will be staying, should Pochettino find a place for him in the team, which may be likely. As Fernandez took the place of Carney Chukwuemeka as a No 9 after his injury, despite preferring to play as a No 8.

However, the missed penalty against West Ham still leaves a bitter aftertaste in the fans’ mouths, who want him gone. Moreover, the player’s recent praise on Instagram to the rival Cristian Romero, left the fans outraged, forcing the comment’s deletion.

How Fernandez views his chances to continue playing with Chelsea

Despite the doubts and rumours, Fernandez makes it very clear that he does not plan on leaving unless forced to.

“We know what the World Cup generates. It opens the doors to many places, as happened to me, who was at Benfica and my move to Chelsea was very great. I always said that playing in the Premier was my dream. I am very grateful to Chelsea for the opportunity.” He assured La Nacion while discussing his eventful past year.

And what an eventful year it was, as the player’s feats during Qatar’s 2022 World Cup did not go unnoticed. For not only he was one of the best players in the world champion squad, but also the most expensive transfer ever recorded in British football.

The player’s potential is undeniable, especially after his recent run with Argentina national football team, leaving Pochettino as the decisionmaker.

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