F1 record Max Verstappen is set to break

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Max Verstappen is having an impeccable season with 11 wins to his name so far and with 6 more races to go the Dutchman is on the verge of breaking and setting a new record.

Max Verstappen has displayed his class throughout the season. The Dutchman has dominated the season throughout and is literally on a dream run.

Verstappen is on the verge of breaking a record and registering his name with the greats like Michael Schumacher.

Lewis Hamilton came on the verge of breaking this record four times in his career however failed all the time.

Verstappen has a mammoth lead of 116 points over Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc. The Dutchman is all set to grab his second championship in a row.

Moreover, the 24-year-old has 11 wins to his name out of 16 races that happened so far this season.

If things go his way, a victory at Singapore might seal the title for Verstappen who is on a 5-win streak after winning in Monza.

13- the illustrious number for Verstappen

Verstappen can surely break many records down in his career but a record he is on the verge of this season is the most wins in a calendar year in Formula 1.

Lewis Hamilton is on second on the list with 11 wins to his name – a feat Verstappen has already achieved this season. It is for sure that Verstappen will break Lewis’s record of most wins in a season looking at his current form.

The first position is held jointly by Michael Schumacher and former Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel. Both the Germans hold this record at 13 race wins in a single season.

Michael Schumacher broke the record in 2004 winning 13 races out of the 18 that season. Sebastian Vettel followed the same in 2013 winning 13 races out of 19 with Red Bull.

To add more to the story, Vettel took those 13 victories with 9 wins in a row.

Now, Max Verstappen has all the chance of breaking this record. The Dutchman has 6 more rounds to go and needs to win 3 out of those to break the record and set a new one this season.

The way Max Verstappen is driving this season it seems that Verstappen can score 3 more wins. If he does, the Dutchman will register his name in the records books.

Furthermore, the 24-year-old is on a 5-win streak and can also aim for breaking another record owned by Vettel. Can the Dutchman score 4 more wins in a row to match Vettel?

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