Fernando Alonso completes his first test with Aston Martin

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Fernando Alonso will be joining Aston Martin from 2023 onwards replacing Sebastian Vettel.

Fernando Alonso finished his last race with Alpine in another retirement case due to mechanical issues. Regardless, the Spaniard was quick to jump into his new seat with Aston Martin.

A one-day Tyre test was conducted in Abu Dhabi in post-season testing for the upcoming 2023 season. Alonso also took part in the test driving a sponsorless Aston Martin car.

After completing 97 laps on the Yas Marina circuit, Alonso talked to the media. The 42-year-old was full of positivity for the upcoming season with his new team.

“No, I’m much more optimistic now,”

Alonso replied when asked about how he felt in his new car.

“When I signed for Aston Martin [in July], I was 90% happy. When they started improving and they finished the season on a high, I was 100%.

“This morning, I was 100%, now I’m 100+!”

Alonso smoothly completes the 97 laps

Fernando Alonso smoothly completed 97 laps without facing many difficulties. Regardless, Alonso was then asked about some difficulties if he faced any during the test:

“First the seat, because it’s a little painful on the left side,”

he told the media.

“Obviously, we did 97 laps compressed in one morning, so it was quite extreme.

“But we will have to sit down, I have to go through now in my mind, everything that I felt. There are small things, most of them are comfort –  not really the balance itself, or the behaviour of the car.

“The shift tones for the gears, for the pitlane, the dash messages when you do a change, how long a message pops up on the dash. These kinds of things, obviously, you are used to one setup, and now you try to accommodate things, to see in a more natural way. So these kinds of things are probably the priority right now.”

Fernando Alonso will be driving for Aston Martin joining forces with Lance Stroll from 2023 onwards.

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