Ferrari F1 driver warns the team of a big threat in the 2022 season

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Former Ferrari F1 driver Felipe Massa warns Ferrari of a serious threat coming their way as we head to the end of the season.

Ferrari is having a troublesome season. The Scuderia started the season with a few incredible drives followed by some reliability issues accompanied by some strategic blunders.

The strategic blunders and reliability issues have also resulted in drivers losing confidence and committing errors.

Overall, Ferrari has lost more than 100 points in the Constructors Championship and have dropped far behind their rival Red Bull.

All this means that Ferrari is almost certain to lose both the Championships. Ferrari can still make a comeback.

However, with the momentum Red Bull and Max Verstappen is carrying, the task is going to be really hard for the Scuderia. Moreover, they possess a mammoth lead in both the Championships.

Former Ferrari driver Felipe Massa had his say:

It is nice to see Ferrari back in the fight, this is clear for everybody.”

“For F1, it is very interesting to see Ferrari back winning races and fighting for the championship – especially at the beginning of the season. But unfortunately, so many bad decisions and reliability issues happened this year that took away Ferrari from the fight for the championship,”

added Massa.

“Ferrari has lost many races, many victories because of that. Strategy errors cost many points and it is a shame because to see Ferrari fighting at least until the end of the championship – this for sure is finished. The championship, and the drivers’ championship, is basically finished. Max is doing an amazing job and he deserves to win his second title,”

explained the ex-Ferrari driver.

According to Massa, the Championship is basically finished for the Scuderia.

Felipe Massa explains ‘the Mercedes Threat’

Ferrari is behind Red Bull by 97 points in the Constructor Championships. It seems Ferrari is losing the Championship to Red Bull.

However, Mercedes’s consistency has kept them active in Constructors Championship. Now, with upgrades W13 is getting better in performance and race pace, matching Red Bulls and Ferrari.

This is posing Scuderia a threat of even losing P2 in the Constructors Championship.

Felipe Massa warned:

“Ferrari is not fighting for the drivers’ championship anymore and they also risk losing second to Mercedes in the constructors’ championship so you can understand the pressure Ferrari has day by day, race by race and this is never a good pressure for the Italian team.”

“Things can even change and if the wrong things change. Decisions that do not help the team to carry on being competitive and to grow. This is not a very good thing. I really hope they get back to the victories soon because otherwise things will not really be great for the team until the end of the season,”

added the Brazilian.

The threat really seems real given the recent performance of the Silver Arrows.

Moreover, if Ferrari continues to do such blunders after summer break they will probably come third in Constructors even after having the best car on the grid arguably.

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