Fitness freak Virat shares his workout routine

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The Indian superstar Virat Kohli has set a benchmark for fitness. Kohli’s fitness journey has been inspirational not just in cricket but in every other sport. His hard work regime is second to none. Virat is one of the fittest cricketers going around.
Fitness freak Virat Kohli shared a post on Instagram on 30th September, Friday. In the post, he shared his image of performing foam rolling. He described it as the most underrated and neglected part of the fitness routine. The foam roller has become an essential component of his routine, assisting him with trigger point release activities.

He said,

“The most underrated and important part of my fitness routine now. Foam rolling and trigger point release. Absolute game changer.”

Foam rolling aids in the release of muscular tension and the relief of inflation. It is utilized by many sportsmen because it enhances flexibility and range of motion, which improves muscular performance.

Virat Kohli is currently playing a T20 series against South Africa at home. Then he will travel to Australia for the important T20 World Cup. Kohli will be itching to make a difference and bring home the trophy. For him to succeed, fitness is going to be a crucial element.

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