Five underdogs to keep your eyes peeled for this year in the Masters

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There is nothing like checking the masters odds and betting on an underdog. History has shown that the amateurs and underdogs sometimes come good (Larry Mize) and teach the professional big players not to get too comfortable. 

But when it comes to the underdogs for this year’s Masters – who should you be casting your eye over? 

Why should you bet on underdogs? 

Sometimes they are called longshots and other times underdogs – but the general idea is that they are unlikely to win. However, in all professional sports, the underdog often comes good – and what comes with that? Typically a huge payout for those who have put a bet on. 

Most people tend to put a bet on the favorites, and the Masters are Jon Ram, Rory McIlroy, and Cameron Smith. You can bet on the fact that one of these top-class players will win. 

But there have been plenty of occasions, like Larry Mize, where the unlikely candidate was the one that scooped the win, and often in a spectacular fashion. 

Suppose you aren’t sure how to pick the underdog because you’ve never placed a bet before: you are looking for the biggest payouts.

A favorite might have 8-1, or even 2-1, while an underdog will likely have something like 20-1 or more – long shots tend to sit over 80-1 and sometimes into the thousands. 

Are there advantages to betting on the underdog? 

There are a couple of advantages to betting on an underdog! 

  • If you make a profit, they are typically larger than if you bet on the favorites.
  • You will get much more favorable odds.
  • It can make the tournament more enjoyable because you will root for new people. 
  • It allows you to do more research on the tournaments and the players. 

But you should keep in mind that you are betting on someone less likely to win, so a winning bet is less likely to happen – but the odds are never zero! 

Who are the underdogs for the Masters 2023?

There are usually a couple of underdogs in every Masters tournament (and in most other golfing tournaments too). They are typically highly skilled and professional golfers, but they might be less well-known. 

At the moment, Jon Rahm and Rory McIlroy are the joint favorites to win; however, there are a couple of players that sit within the top ten contenders that could make their presence known and take a surprising win. 

Collin Morikawa

Morikawa is known for his excellence – it has been seen time and again. And after a first-round five birdies, no bogeys and no eagles, and a seven-under 65 – he’s doing pretty sweetly right now.

What followed after was Collin saying that his swing was as good as it had ever been. In fact, he went on to say that his swing hasn’t looked this good since 2019, and perhaps more than that – he is in a place where he feels he can just hit his shot. 

The big confidence isn’t new for Collin, but it could unnerve players who don’t have that. 

Odds are 22-1 (always check with your chosen sports betting app).

Jordan Spieth

Jordan isn’t exactly a highly outside bet; he isn’t in the favorites either. Spieth is a three-time major champion and just outside of the top five players. His odds are better than Morikawa with 15-1, so while he is slightly outside of those you’d expect to snag a green jacket – he is close enough to make a reasonable bet on. 

What makes Jordan an underdog, though, is that he last had a major win in 2017 and has been off-tee and inaccurate all seasons. 

Patrick Cantlay

Patrick’s odds are the same as Collin Morikawa – and they both sit outside the considered top five. Patrick has a fierce practice system – which could put him in great stead to make a surprising win at the Masters.

What is important to keep in mind about Patrick is that he is no stranger to adversity and, in fact, has overcome a spinal injury and the loss of his best friend and caddy. He’s turned to the sport more than ever to get him through, and despite major adversity, he is going to be a contender. 

Odds are 22-1

Xander Schauffele 

There has been a recent running gag (although, to some, it wasn’t that funny) and the tree fiasco. Some say that Xander was behind a tree, while others say no. A tee shot he made nestled itself half a foot from a tree base – and there was no shot forward. Rather than play the 90-degree shot to the left, he opted to get a new opinion – saying there was an animal hole and they couldn’t be interfered with.

So instead, he was allowed to hit the ball to the left by about a yard and ended up with a two-putted birdie four. This is important because anyone who is willing to get multiple opinions to get what he wants in terms of outcome is going to play a ferocious game. 

Odds are 18-1

Cameron Young

Cameron Young has been tipped by some golf blogs and reporters to be the underdog to watch. While his odds are currently 25-1, he was also the notable underdog for the British Open 2022.

However – it is important to know that, unlike often reported, he grew up using one of the best golf courses in the US. Keep in mind that Cameron finished second in the Open Championship and T3 in the 2022 PGA Championship. 

Underdogs make the game more exciting because they are the undercurrent that keeps the favorites needing to push themselves to perform their best. 

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