Former Leicester City midfielder announce retirement

Former Leicester City and Chelsea midfielder Danny Drinkwater announce his retirement from professional football recently.

The 33-year-old lifted the Premier League Title with Foxes in 2016. But after being released by Chelsea in June last year, he has been without club.

However, Drinkwater has been quiet about his controversial exit from Stanford Bridge. He has been recieving offers from the Championship clubs, but he has decided to hang his boots.

Speaking on The High Performance podcast, Former Leicester City man said :-

“I’d just like to announce my retirement from professional football.

“It’s probably been a long time coming, especially with the last year, but I think it’s time to officially announce it now.

“I didn’t think it would bother me but saying it then it’s almost like scratching a nerve a bit and I think I’ve been ready for it, not stopping at my peak and it’s simmered down a bit, that’s helped the transition.

“But I think I’ve been in limbo for too long, I’ve either been wanting to play but not getting the opportunities to play at a level where I felt valued.

“I just thought I’m restless here for no reason, I’m happy not playing football, but I’m happy playing football, so do I just shake hands with the sport?

“It’s all I’ve known, it’s been my life since I was six or seven, it was never going to be an easy thing.

“I think the way it’s died down has definitely helped. If I was playing week in, week out and had to stop through injury or age I think it would be trickier.

“I’ve had quite a few offers from Championship clubs, but I never felt the burn, it did nothing for me.”

Drinkwater was offered a coaching role by Chelsea

Danny Drinkwater opened about his career as he stated that Chelsea offered him a coaching role before his contract expires.

Speaking in a interview with SPORTSBIBLE, former Chelsea man said :-

“I do miss playing but if something wasn’t to come in again this window that didn’t excite me.I decided to knock it on the head properly… what can I say?

“Football has given me some absolutely great years. It’s also me some sh*** times but the good years definitely outweigh the bad.

“I was able to buy my mum and dad the dream bungalow. I’ve been able to take care of my family so am I going to sit here and say football is sh**? No chance. Has it been ideal for me and my position now? 100% Was it a dream as a kid? 100%.

“The last three years have been the toughest in regards to football but I’m not going to sit here and complain.”

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