Frank Lampard reveals he wanted to sign Jude Bellingham for Chelsea

Frank Lampard

During his initial tenure as Chelsea‘s manager, Frank Lampard wanted to bring in a standout player for the team. Lampard shared his desire on the ‘Obi One Podcast‘ explaining that he was advocating for Jude Bellingham to join Chelsea. However, the decision-makers at the club didn’t go along with the idea. Despite being just 20 years old, Bellingham has quickly become recognized as one of the top midfielders in the world.

Lampard’s hopes for Chelsea to sign Bellingham didn’t materialize during his time as the manager, but Bellingham’s recent performances underscore the reason he’s considered a rising star. His impressive skills led Real Madrid to spend a whopping £100 million to sign him over the summer. It’s worth noting that many of Europe’s top clubs were also eager to secure his signing.

Even though Chelsea had shown interest in signing Bellingham, the groundwork done by Real Madrid earlier on made them the clear favorites to bring him in. So, as Lampard’s wish may not have come true at Chelsea, Bellingham’s rapid rise and impact on the field highlight his exceptional talent, drawing the attention of major football clubs.

Lampard was desperate to sign Jude Bellingham

The Blues might’ve avoided all this talk if they listened to Lampard a few years back. Recently, he shared that he really wanted the club to sign Jude Bellingham back then, and he was pushing for it. However, the club didn’t agree, especially because the cost was a fifth of what Bellingham eventually went for.

Lampard said,

When I was manager at Chelsea for the first time, I was desperate to bring Jude Bellingham in. But I couldn’t get it through upstairs – the idea of paying £20m for someone his age at the time.”

Even though they missed out on Bellingham, Chelsea fans can be happy with their current midfield choices.

Moises Caicedo and Enzo Fernandez are building a strong partnership in the middle of the field, and soon, they’ll be joined by Romeo Lavia as he gets ready for his debut after some unlucky injuries. Even without Bellingham, Chelsea’s midfield looks promising and has the support of fans at Stamford Bridge.

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