Frank Leboeuf Labels Chelsea Player as ‘Clumsy’ and Not Up to Par


Frank Leboeuf criticized Raheem Sterling, referring to him as “clumsy” in an interview and highlighting his tendency to lose possession frequently. Leboeuf further remarked that if Chelsea were to consider selling the former Liverpool winger during the upcoming summer transfer window. They would unlikely recoup the same fee they paid to Manchester City for his services last year.

During the summer of 2023, Chelsea secured the services of Raheem Sterling from Premier League rivals Manchester City for a transfer fee reported to be £47.5 million. As confirmed by Sky Sports. Sterling, an England international capable of playing as a winger or attacking midfielder. Commands a weekly salary of £350,000, according to Salary Sport. Throughout the current Premier League season, Sterling has made 22 starts and five appearances as a substitute for Chelsea.

In the Premier League matches he has played, Sterling has contributed with six goals and three assists. Additionally, in the UEFA Champions League, the Chelsea player, wearing the no. 17, has started eight games and made one appearance as a substitute. During these Champions League fixtures, Sterling has scored three goals and provided one assist.

Frank Leboeuf and his concerns

According to Leboeuf, he prefers not to be overly critical of players and emphasizes the importance of respecting both the individual and their abilities. He acknowledges that players who have represented Liverpool, Manchester City, and Chelsea are not average performers.

However, when Raheem Sterling joined Chelsea, Leboeuf expressed his belief that Sterling wouldn’t bring something unique or extraordinary to the team. Leboeuf mentions that if Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, decided to let go of Sterling. There must have been a reason behind it. Leboeuf previously stated that the £50m price tag for Sterling was too high. On the field, Leboeuf perceives Sterling as lacking leadership qualities and describes him as somewhat clumsy.

In addition, the Chelsea legend remarked that Sterling tends to lose possession frequently, misses scoring opportunities, and displays a sense of clumsiness on the field. While acknowledging Sterling’s reputation as a prominent player. Leboeuf asserted that if Chelsea were to consider selling him to any other club. They would unlikely receive a transfer fee matching the amount they initially paid for his acquisition.

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