Gabriel Jesus Faces Undue Criticism Amidst Stellar Performance


The standout display of Gabriel Jesus during Arsenal‘s recent Champions League triumph over Sevilla has reignited an old point of contention in Brazil. After the game, questions arose about his right to a starting position in the national team. This debate stems from his exceptional start to the season with Arsenal.

Consequently, this inquiry rapidly escalated into a flurry of disapproving remarks across various social media platforms. Entering the conversation, Fred Caldeira, a correspondent from TNT Sports, chimed in on Jesus‘s current form. Caldeira argues that the Arsenal frontman deserves greater recognition and support.

The Past Affecting the Present

“It’s evident that the criticism directed at Gabriel, particularly when we consider him a pivotal figure, is gravely unwarranted,”

commented Caldeira.

“For those whose football interests perhaps only peak during mega events like the World Cup, skepticism is somewhat understandable. However, for those who keenly follow European football, the disparagement seems misplaced. Let’s consider: Jesus has outpaced Adriano Imperador in Champions League goals and stands second only to the remarkable Roberto Firmino in Premier League goals by a Brazilian.”

He further elaborated,

“Assess the top-tier European clubs: be it Manchester City, Barcelona, or even potentially Liverpool. Jesus would seamlessly fit, if not vehemently vie, for a starting berth. The exceptions to this would be exceedingly rare.”

The Road Ahead for Jesus

Nonetheless, the crux of the diminished support for Gabriel Jesus in Brazil can be traced back to the 2018 World Cup. Jesus remained goalless throughout the tournament. Unfortunately, this pattern repeated itself in the 2022 edition, with an injury cutting short his participation.

Despite these setbacks, Jesus’s current season with Arsenal showcases his undeniable talent. He has managed to score four goals and provide an assist over a mere 11 matches. However, the recent declaration from Mikel Arteta reveals that Gabriel Jesus is about to be sidelined due to an injury. This means the striker will need to bide his time before resuming his endeavor to secure and justify his position with the national team.

The broader narrative here isn’t just about Jesus’s prowess on the field. It’s also about the need to evaluate players beyond isolated instances. This entails recognizing consistent performance over sporadic lapses.

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