Gabriel Martinelli was claimed to be struggling without Gabriel Jesus


Ian Wright had suggested earlier that Gabriel Martinelli had struggled without Gabriel Jesus. Gabriel Jesus had been ruled out of play since the Qatar World Cup. But the claim turned out to be a false claim. Gabriel Martinelli have since scored four goals in his last three games. Martinelli scored twice in the match against Everton. Arsenal had signed Gabriel Jesus back in the summer from Manchester City. The player had made an immediate impact since joining the Gunners team. He have Arsenal quite well in establishing themselves in the Premier League title race. Gabriel Jesus along with Gabriel Martinelli and Bukayo Saka had formed a potent threat for the other Premier League teams. Martinelli have scored in his last three games. He made a mockery out of Ian Wright’s comments about him.

Gabriel Martinelli proved Ian Wright wrong with his performances

Gabriel Martinelli have scored four times in his last three matches. The player is in very good form this season and have helped Arsenal achieve new heights. However, Arsenal legend Ian Wright had made comments which suggested that Gabriel Martinelli has been struggling without Gabriel Jesus. Wright had commented,

“Arsenal are straining every sinew right now to stay in front [of Manchester City]. Yes, we have Jesus coming back which will then hopefully fire up Martinelli even more because our left-hand side has missed Jesus.”

He further added,

“Jesus would interchange with Martinelli, and he would get inside and we would get a little bit more going on our left side. That has been a bit redundant even though Martinelli has scored some goals, he’s had to come off the bench to do that. It feels like a whole side of Arsenal is not working.

“And once that comes back maybe we could start scoring more goals again and getting those goals and chances that we need to score, just to give us a bit more breathing space in the game because I don’t think from now on in Man City are going to relent.”

Gabriel Martinelli have managed to prove Ian Wright wrong. The Gunners fans are however quite happy that the player proved him wrong. Arsenal are currently sitting at the top of the League table. If things continue their way, Arsenal might end up lifting up the Premier League trophy.

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