Arsenal Invincible Backs Manchester City for Premier League Title

Former Arsenal and Manchester City defender Gael Clichy has publicly declared his support for City in the thrilling Premier League title race. The 38-year-old, who has strong ties to both clubs, believes Pep Guardiola‘s side deserves to clinch their fourth consecutive championship.

Clichy, who enjoyed successful stints at both Arsenal and City, acknowledges the dominance of his former Manchester club. As a budding coach, he admires the playing philosophies of both teams but feels City’s consistency and recent successes make them worthy champions.

Clichy’s Dual Loyalty

Gael Clichy’s career has been deeply intertwined with both Arsenal and Manchester City. Spending eight years with the Gunners before moving to City, where he spent another six years, Clichy has experienced the highs and lows of both clubs. Now, as he navigates the early stages of his coaching career, he finds inspiration in the philosophies of both teams. Despite this, Clichy leans towards City in the current title race, impressed by their sustained excellence. Clichy told Ladbrokes Fanzone,

“What’s impressed me most about Manchester City right now is that, even when they’re not playing well, they’re still destroying teams,”

Clichy’s admiration for City’s dominance is clear. He highlights their ability to control matches, even when not at their best, as a key factor in his support. Reflecting on a recent match against Arsenal, he noted,

“They may not have won the game, but what I’m saying is that, over a season, they are comfortably the best team.”

This sentiment underscores his belief that City’s consistency sets them apart in the league, making them deserving of another title.

Despite his preference for City, Gael Clichy maintains a deep respect and affection for Arsenal. He recognizes the club’s progress under Mikel Arteta and the potential for them to become “beautiful champions.” This dual loyalty highlights the complexity of his position. Clichy explained,

“The luxury that I have, is that I played for both clubs and really I’m a fan of both,”

His unique perspective allows him to appreciate the strengths and achievements of both teams.

The Case for Manchester City

Clichy’s support for Manchester City stems from their impressive form and potential to make history. He points to their consistency and ability to dominate games as key reasons for his backing. He asserted,

“They’re the best team because if you look at any game in which they dropped points if you were to replay that game another 10 times, they’d probably draw one, lose one, and win eight,”

This level of dominance, Gael Clichy believes, is unmatched in the Premier League.

The possibility of City achieving a historic fourth consecutive title is another factor influencing Clichy’s support. He acknowledges the significance of such an achievement, especially following their Treble success last season. He stated,

“City deserve it, and I want them to do it because they’d be the first team to do it four times in a row,”

This potential milestone adds to the excitement and prestige of their campaign, making a strong case for their triumph.

While Clichy’s preference is clear, he does not discount Arsenal’s achievements and potential. He commends their development and competitive spirit, recognizing them as worthy contenders. He said,

“They’ve been heading in the right direction over the last few years, and they’d make beautiful champions,”

His balanced view reflects a genuine appreciation for both clubs, despite his ultimate support for City in this title race.

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