Gary Neville makes Premier League top-four as he backs Chelsea

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Former Red Devils Gary Neville makes Premier League top-four prediction for this current campaign as he backs Chelsea to finish in the top-half.

Mauricio Pochettino’s had a slow start in this campaign but back to back victories will boost up their confidence before the international break. After the recent victory against Burnley, he told in post-match press-conference:-

“I was telling you when we lost some games against Nottingham Forest and West Ham that we are building something.

“We are a young group and it doesn’t mean we have signed young players or experienced players, we’re together and what happened in the summer, it’s about a matter of time.

“We were performing very well but of course players and individuals improve to add to the team, a bit of quality. That is only with time to know each other and to start to perform. We start to recover players now because we suffered too many injuries, also it’s going to help the team increase the level and the competition will be tough. Then it will be tough for me to select an XI but it is a thing I love to do and I hope it happens soon.”

Gary Neville backs Chelsea to finish in the top-four this season

After Chelsea winning their back to back fixtures, Blues are looking to changes their fortunes in this current campaign.

Pochettino’s mem will be eager to back to Champions League next season as Neville backs them. Speaking on his own Podcast, Gary Neville said :-

“Chelsea I think probably nearer to it (top 4/5) if they could just go on a run because they have got some really talented young players, their age is a lot better than Manchester United’s squad.”

“The key for Tottenham is to keep their best players fit”

“I don’t think Tottenham can sustain it over a 38-game season in my honest opinion, I think their squad will get found out in the end but they are going to have a lot of fun, it’ll be a rollercoaster and they’ve got a manager who I think belongs at the club, so it’s all positive for Tottenham but I don’t see them hanging in there towards the end even though it’s very early.”

Neville also predicted Liverpool’s title race and said :-

“I think they could, they are more likely to than Spurs. They played against a really good Brighton side, they’ve got an outstanding goalkeeper that I always think will keep them in a lot of football matches and they’ve got strikers who can score a lot of goals. The midfield is attacking, has it got the defensive stability of what we have seen here today [at Arsenal and Manchester City]?

“If you put Rodri or Declan Rice in Liverpool’s holding midfield possession. I’d be saying Liverpool would definitely be on for the title my question mark is whether they’ve got enough solidity in midfield or enough defensive strength and power. So I don’t think Liverpool are quite there, but they are in the race.”

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