Gautam Gambhir faces backlash for his remark during the commentary

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Gautam Gambhir faces backlash for his remark during the Asia Cup commentary.


Former star opener of India, Gautam Gambhir has never been reluctant to state his feelings towards his relation with other cricketers or any other question relating to the game of cricket. He has each time lectured Indian fans on worshiping individual performances. He believes winning a game or tournament is a team effort. In addition he believes only an individual is not to be credited for the win.

However, in the recent commentary of the Asia Cup match between India and Pakistan, Gautam Gambhir’s statement upset the fans. Discussing the 2010 Asia Cup match between India and Pakistan, Gambhir praised Harbhajan Singh and said the one who strikes runs at the end is the match-winner.

While in match number four between India and Pakistan, Gambhir and Ms. Dhoni had a partnership. The partnership between them brought India near the win. India lost a couple of wickets in between. Harbhajan Singh hit two sixes at the end.

Gautam Gambhir as quoted by Hindustan Times stated

“Jitaya maine nehi, jitaya Harbhajan Singh ne tha. Meri aur Dhoni ke beech sajidari zarur huyi thi but mera manna hain ki jo aankhri run banata hain wohi jitata hain (I did not win that match for India. It was Harbhajan. Yes I did get a partnership with Dhoni but I believe that the batter who scores the winning run actually clinches victory for the team)”

The cricket fans bashed the former cricketer on his remarks by calling him a hypocrite. As per the audience, his opinion is contrary to what he expressed earlier. Earlier, Gambhir stated winning a team effort. Gautam Gambhir smashed 83 off 97 balls, while MS Dhoni scored 56 off 71 runs in the match.

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