Gerrard kid ‘striking it rich’ at just 18 years of age

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Daughter of Steven Gerrard, Lilly-Ella Gerrard is making a fortune, plying her trade as a social media influencer. Also, she already landed at least 10 lifestyle brand deals at such a young age.

The teenager makes tens of thousands of pounds on every of her post on Instagram. She also has more than 175,000 people followers on her account. An industry insider has made a comment that being one of England’s best player’s daughter is an advantage. The source said:

“She has lots of followers, but more importantly the right ones – young, trendy people who are happy to spend.”

Gerrard on social media

Her father is also quite active on social media platforms. Gerrard posted a number of clicks on his social media profile of him and his family celebrating his daughter’s 18th birthday in February. The posts revealed that the family went for a luxurious meal accompanied by cheering decorations with balloons.

Gerrard’s daughter Lilly often posts about her travel with pictures attached as well as her exuberant lifestyle. Her recent travel polaroids include her trip to Los Angeles, Dubai and London. She also uploads sponsored posts for a wide range of premium brands which pay her to do so. Her most recent post saw her enjoying a cold drink in the Beverly Hills in California, Los Angeles.

The industry insider added: “The offers seem to be coming in fast and each one will be worth thousands of pounds. At this rate she will be making a lot of money. Being the daughter of a top footballer has its advantages.”

Daily Mail reported that ‘she has already secured deals with fashion brand Boohoo and tracksuit manufacturers No Bra Chic, with her current sponsorships totalling at 10.’ Other than that her deals include a phone case supplier, activewear brand, gym clothing brand and pyjama manufacturers and several more clothing brands.

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