Gilbert Enoka reveals what he will bring to Chelsea


Former All Blacks coach Gilbert Enoka is the new acquisition by Chelsea. Gilbert Enoka already have a number of ideas that he can bring to the Chelsea team. He has an idea of the vulnerability and pressure that he would want to bring in at Stamford Bridge. Furthermore, he is all set to join the Blues as their new mental coach. However, the role is for only a short-term consultancy job. Gilbert Enoka was a vital part of New Zealand’s Rugby World cup victories in 2007 and 2011. His arrival at Stamford Bridge comes after the Chelsea squad reached 33 players. With seven of them joined the Blues recently through the January transfer window. Todd Boehly would now be hoping to instill a winning mentality in the squad. The arrival of the mental coach is said to be helpful.

Gilbert Enoka comments on what he could bring to the Chelsea team

The methods of Gilbert Enoka with rugby are well-known. In a video posted on YouTube, the coach spoke on many important topics surrounding the elite spot. He spoke to a YouTube channel and possibly gave in insight into what he can bring to the Chelsea team. The coach revealed,  

“Pressure can be your friend or your foe. We’ve done a lot of work on understanding that it becomes your friend because you know that whenever you feel it you are in that space where great things happen, not good things or average things but great things. We want them to have the attitude to say ‘bring it on’ and we don’t want them to turn away from it. We want them to walk towards it because they knew that’s got some specialness attached to it.

He further added,

“We think being vulnerable is a quality that is extremely valued in this environment. If you don’t know how to do something or you’re not sure what to do or how to do it then you ask someone. It’s not a weakness it’s absolute strength. “In business and in sport complacency is a curse. It’s a curse because it sneaks up on you because you get people who have been there for a long period of time and they think ‘well I’ve been here ten years, what have you got for me?’ This whole sense of entitlement reigns.”

Gilbert Enoka developed a notable mentality during his extended stay on the New Zealand team. His winning mentality will be much appreciated in the Chelsea dressing room.

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