‘Going distance’: Alan Shearer predicts where will Liverpool be finishing the season

Legendary forward Alen Shearer predicts where will Liverpool finish the season. Shearer makes his prediction after seeing the recent performances of Liverpool. The Reds are looking comfortable on the top at the midway of the season. They sit three points clear of the second place Manchester City. Owing to these results, many have made the predictions about the position where the club will finish. Shearer is now among the list of those. Speaking to The Rest Is Football podcast, the legendary striker has claimed,

They are going the distance. There is no doubt about it, they are going the distance. They will be right up there come the last weekend of the season. They are a really good team.

Van Dijk is back to his best, Trent is having a great time, they have an unbelievable goalkeeper and when you have the brilliance of Mo Salah you have every chance. They have game changers which can do that coming off the bench, they have so many options.”

Although the captain refrained himself from making any comments on title, Liverpool are definitely looking on the course of it. However, they are still not at their best from the attacking perspective. There were some late winners by the players in 2023. The Reds have been excellent in some high scoring games like Fulham and Newcastle. Though, they struggle to win against Arsenal and Manchester United at home. Now, with Salah and Endo leaving for the national duty, it will be a huge challenge for them to continue there best form. Despite all this, Liverpool fans will be having a glimpse of their hands over the title. Liverpool will be having their next Premier League fixture on 21st January.

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