Graeme Souness Backs Mikel Arteta After His Furious VAR Rant

Former Liverpool legend Graeme Souness has passionately defended Arsenal‘s manager, Mikel Arteta. He has called for a major overhaul of the controversial Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system. Souness labeled VAR as

“the technology from hell for referees.”

This comment followed Arteta’s scathing critique after Arsenal’s recent clash with Newcastle United. A contentious decision marred the match. As a result, Arteta vehemently criticized VAR officials for letting a controversial goal stand.

Souness Supports Arteta’s VAR Outrage

Graeme Souness disagrees with the criticisms against Mikel Arteta for his post-match VAR rant. Additionally, he sympathizes with Arteta and criticizes the decision-making process leading to the controversial goal. Souness has supported Arteta, drawing from his experience as a former football manager. Moreover, the referee’s decision to allow Anthony Gordon’s goal for Newcastle United was blatantly wrong. It defied common sense. Furthermore, he pointed out the failure to acknowledge a clear push on Arsenal’s Gabriel Magalhaes.

The Liverpool legend asserted that VAR officials’ lack of on-field playing experience is the problem’s root. Souness contended that these

“video officials”

often struggle to interpret replays effectively. Moreover, their limited understanding of the game’s nuances is to blame. Therefore, Souness urged football authorities to involve ex-players in the VAR decision-making process. Furthermore, he emphasized that former players have the practical knowledge and insight needed for accurate judgments. This involvement could minimize contentious decisions and restore confidence in the officiating system.

Souness highlighted the irony of VAR. It was to reduce refereeing errors and controversies. Instead, it has intensified the problems faced by referees. He suggested that VAR’s implementation has not only fallen short of its promises. It has also jeopardized referees’ jobs.

The Ongoing Debate Over VAR

The contentious nature of VAR in football continues to spark debates. Despite support from Souness and Arsenal, other prominent football figures like Gary Neville have criticized Arteta and the club. Neville argued that Arsenal and their head coach should restrain their responses to contentious decisions.

The ongoing VAR controversy has prompted debates within the football community. Moreover, these debates focus on its effectiveness, implementation, and need for reforms. Furthermore, the calls for change persist as fans and stakeholders seek a VAR-related controversy resolution.

The Premier League and football’s governing bodies face pressure to refine the VAR system. They are to ensure more consistent and accurate decisions. Nevertheless, the debate over VAR’s role and impact in sport remains pressing.

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