Group 2 Qualification Scenario Explained After Pakistan’s Win Over South Africa

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With the World Cup nearing to its end of the league stage, every team is fighting for its semi-final berth. In group 1 the scenario is pretty predictable with New Zealand and England progressing for Semis and Australia missing out due to net run rate. In Group 2 it’s a bit interesting as qualification berths are still unknown. It can be predicted that India and South Africa will go ahead but if any associated nations upset a bigger nation then interesting scenes are up the table. Let’s go through the qualification scenario in Group 2.

Group 2 Points Table after Pakistan South Africa Match

India M =4 W =3 L=1 Pt 6

South Africa M=4 W=2 L= 1 Pt 5

Pakistan M=4 W=2 L =2 Pt 4

Bangladesh M=4 W=2 L=2 Pt 4

Zimbabwe M=4 W=1 L=2 Pt 3

Netherlands M=4 W=1 L=3 Pt 2

Qualification scenario after Pakistan’s win over South Africa

India‘s win over Zimbabwe will make the team remain on top and will qualify. In case they fail to do so and South Africa wins the next clash then they will be dependent on Bangladesh beating Pakistan in keeping in mind the NRR.

South Africa needs one win to qualify. If they fail to do so they will be eliminated. Pakistan and Bangladesh’s results will be more important. If rain hinders then all equations will be of NRR.

Pakistan needs to win their last match against Bangladesh. They will also depend on associate nations wins against India and South Africa and if the match washes out due to rain then NRR comes into play.

Bangladesh needs some unimaginable results like India and South Africa losing their last match and Pakistan’s defeat too. But still, the chance is pretty slim as there is a huge difference in NRR.

Zimbabwe and Netherlands are already out of the tournament.

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