Guardiola fires warning before Arsenal clash in Premier League

Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola fires warning before the match against Arsenal in the Premier League after they face Sheffield United in the FA Cup semi-final on Saturday.

Guardiola admitted that he and his medical staff will take extra caution with those played against Bayern Munich . However, he also made it very clear that he will not tolerate any players who think they can be rested for games ahead. He said :-

“I have to convince them of the reality that [while] the tiredness is there, you can use it as an excuse or an opportunity.

“If you have an opportunity you will be ready at 4.45, [but if] you have an excuse you will be tired so it depends on your thoughts. Your thoughts all the time control your body mentally, your mental approach and you can think bad or good. Wrong or a positive way.

“That depends on you, not the manager or anyone outside or anything. You feel ‘I am not tired, I am ok’, you feel ‘I want to play in the FA Cup’ then you are not tired. But if you think that you have to rest because the Champions League is nicer, Arsenal is nicer then after that you will be tired.

Guardiola will shuffle his squad before hectic schedule

Guardiola to make some changes for the game as City participates in three competitions simultaneously and will have to take consideration the fitness level of each players. He further said :-

“There are players who make regeneration better, they can do it and the other one take more time.

“Bernardo is a guy who makes incredible regeneration for example, but weeks ago he came to us and he said ‘I am destroyed’. He didn’t say ‘don’t play me’.

“After, when he didn’t play he came after and said ‘thank you so much for allowing me not to play because I was so really tired’ – and he is a guy who recovers quickly. There are so many games in such a short time and with travel and everything this is normal.

“They are human beings too but they have six or seven weeks left we have to do every last effort, to sustain the chances of being in the competitions as long as possible.”

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