Hardik Pandya collects praising from Ravi Shastri

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Ravi Shastri, the former India men’s cricket team coach has praised Hardik Pandya for his all round performance against Pakistan. The 28 years old took the toll in the air as he broke the momentum of Pak’s batting. He picked three wickets including that of Mohammad Rizwan’s. Rizwan was alsmost set at 43 before he left for the pavillion. The efforts were impactful enough to restrict them within 147 runs.

The runs may look easy, but loss of early wickets made it tough for India. With Virat Kohli creating the base, Pandya along with Jadeja, touched the winning line. Pandya smashed 33 runs off 17 ball to secure the win.

However, praises are coming from different corners for Pandya. His former coach from the national team, Ravi Shastri too praised Hardik Pandya.

In his Instagram account, Ravi Shastri posted,

Needed the best T20 all-rounder in the business to power India across the finish line – @hardikpandya93.”

Pandya is one of the most important cogs in the wheel as far as India is concerned: Shastri

However, this is not the first time Shastri hailed praise foe Pandya. For a number of time, he mentioned the all-rounder one of the most important head in the team. He even said that the presence of Pandya is necessary for India’s balance in the team.

Star Sports has been the official broadcaster of Asia Cup 2022. In a press conference organised by Star Sports, Shastri said,

“He (Pandya) is one of the most important cogs in the wheel as far as India is concerned.”

He added,

“You take him out of the squad and the balance goes away. That’s how important he is. You don’t know whether to play an extra batsman or an extra bowler.”

Shastri also told that India had missed Pandya in 2020’s T20 World Cup badly. He also said that no one is as close as him when compared to his quality of his playing.

Shastri said,

“We missed him (Pandya) really badly last year in the (T20) World Cup when he couldn’t bowl. It makes a massive difference. There is no one close to him when it comes to the quality that he possesses at that number. I think he is an extremely important player and has to be watched very closely. With the number of matches coming up, he is the last person you want to play in all those matches.”

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