Harmanpreet Kaur votes for a sports psychologist in the team

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Harmanpreet Kaur, the present Indian women’s team captain has spoken about the necessity of sports psychologists’ inclusion in the team. She opted for that addressing the cause of the mental fatigue related to the scheduling. Since the Covid-19 pandemic took its toll in 2020, players had to maintain strict bio-bubbles as well as quarantines. This however have affected their mental health negatively. However, there are no such hard and fast restrictions existing right now. But the scheduling is still a concern.

Earlier this year, Kaur-led Indian Women played their World Cup. It went into the early phase of April. However, within a month, there was the Women’s T-20 Challenge in May. Thereafter Commonwealth Games came in the July-August period. Women’s The Hundred shortly started after that. Henceforth, the schedule undoubtedly looked packed.

Playing back to back does take a mental toll, and it is good to take a break: Harmanpreet Kaur

Kaur tried to draw attention to the necessity of rest. According to her, any post series need some time to rest for refreshment. She moreover went on to say, mental fatigue may affect a player’s performance. Henceforth it needs proper care. She further focused on how the schedule affected the players. Kaur also recalled the benefits of having a special sports psychologist. It was against New Zealand ahead of this year’s World Cup.

Harmanpreet Kaur told the EspnCricinfo,

“Your performances go up and down, and it is better to take a break than pushing too hard in such times. As a team we want to help that player, and we are very open about players taking break when there is mental fatigue and things do not go as you want.

“Last year, I went through these things playing back-to-back cricket. This year, we had the Commonwealth Games, and the Hundred was there [one after the other], but I wanted to take a break. Playing back to back does take a mental toll, and it is good to take a break at times [rather] than pushing too hard.”

Kaur moreover added,

“When we were on the New Zealand tour, [Bavare] was our go-to person and helped us a lot. I hope in future also we can get her with us, because right now we are paying too much attention to our physical fitness and skills. But mental skill is something we need to take seriously.”

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