‘He makes the bowlers look silly but…’: R Sridhar analyzes Prithvi Shaw’s performance

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India batter and Mumbai skipper Prithvi Shaw has been struggling of late with his form. Constant illnesses and injuries, controversies and other factors have affected the youngster’s performance very badly.

On top of it all, Shaw is not being considered even for India’s secondary team as well. India have now started the practice of sending two teams to different countries and they are looking to continue the trend.

So, for now, India’s future is in safe hands. Former India fielding coach R Sridhar recently analyzed Prithvi Shaw’s performance and said that the youngster needs time to develop confidence.

“It’s something which we all wonder why? A batter who makes bowlers look absolutely silly. He is so good on the off-side. He’s got great hands going through the ball. You bowl any length to him, and he is able to put it away in the gap and stuff like that,” said Sridhar.

Shaw’s last match for India was in 2021 against Sri Lanka. In the IPL as well, Shaw suffered from typhoid due to which he could not play the last few matches for the Delhi Capitals.

“The reason why he’s fallen down in the pecking order is first, his fitness. I’m not sure why he’s not able to make it into these squads. He started off the IPL well, but slowly as the tournament progresses, his performances fell apart a little bit, if I might say so. Maybe we are being harsh on the kid. We need to give him time. He is obviously young and needs to get his act together in terms of his work ethics,” added Sridhar.

It will be a matter of time before India decides to keep Shaw in the Indian team setup.

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