Heat rises between England and South Africa over ‘Bazzball’

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The skipper of South Africa Elgar spoke and gave out a high-level warning to England. The warning comes in reply to a favorite subject in the world of cricket called Bazzball. However, Elgar, this time was in no mood to answer any questions about this term.

The African team has already seen and tasted the new approach the home team has taken in the Warmup match. The home team defeated the visitors and Dan Lawernce, Harry Brook, and Ben Duckett all smashed the bowlers around the park. However, The Skipper made it clear that the same performance won’t be repeated and England would face much more competition. Elgar sent a warning to Stokes and the company, saying it won’t be good if this approach will be taken.

Elgar’s Views on ‘Bazzball’

While speaking to a journalist, Elgar said

“I am really not going to entertain that phrase anymore, We have chatted about it long and hard and I just want to crack on with the cricket. The game deserves that respect. Mudslinging is a thing of the past for me and we are not going to go back and forth around that”

Elaborating on the words he spoke, Elgar also spoke

“If England does have a flyer which I know somewhere they are going to. In the game they will have periods when they are on top of us no doubt, we are going to have to find a way to adapt to that situation. We come in with a lot more resources purely from a South African point of view, we have covered all bases to curb those moments in the game.

We’ve come a long way and everyone has got a good buy-in to that adaptation and parking their personal stuff aside and doing what we require to slow down their batting for instance. The warm-up was a good exercise and if they come out playing like that in an official Test match and it goes pear-shaped, that will not look very good for England.” With all that claims from the South African skipper, it would be really great to see, how proteas would come back and tackle this new approach of the English batters.

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