Heather Knight accuses Deepti Sharma of lying over the Mankad incident

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There has been a massive uproar in the cricket fraternity over the recent “Mankad” incident in the third ODI between India and England. Indian spinner, Deepti Sharma spotted Charlie Dean outside the crease limits during her run-up. She decided to abort her delivery and clipped the bails at the non-striker’s end. Deepti claimed the 10th wicket and India registered a clean sweep series win.

England cricket circle is fuming over the whole incident. They accused Deepti of violating the “Spirit of Cricket”. However, Indian captain, Harmanpreet Kaur, has defended Deepti, saying that everything went down well within the rules and laws of cricket.

Yet, English critics are not convinced and termed Deepti’s action a “horrible act.” England women captain, Heather Knight is the latest to join the mass.

“No warnings were given,” Heather Knight denies Deepti Sharma’s claims

Deepti Sharma broke her silence on the whole fiasco. She said that Dean was repeatedly violating the crease limits. They warned her and reported the same to the umpires as well. And, when she did not stop, they decided to run her out.

“It was a plan because we had warned her repeatedly. We did things as per the rules and guidelines and told the umpires as well, but she was there. We couldn’t do much.”

However, England skipper Heather Knight rejected Deepti’s claims. Heather missed out the game owing to a hip injury. She took to Twitter to express her dissent and wrote that no warnings were given to Dean. Heather further said that if India is comfortable running someone out in such a manner, then they shouldn’t go out giving justifications.

“The game is over, Charlie was dismissed legitimately. India were deserved winners of the match and the series. But no warnings were given. They don’t need to be given, so it hasn’t made the dismissal any less legitimate. But if they’re comfortable with the decision to affect the run-out, India shouldn’t feel the need to justify it by lying about warnings”

Charles Dagnall and Lydia Greenway spar over Heather’s tweet

Speaking to SkySports, Charles Dagnall and Lydia Greenway shared their thoughts on Heather Knight’s tweet.

Dagnall said that Heather Knight is in no position to go over her personal social media account and call out Deepti Sharma a liar. If at all there is an objection, it should come out as an officially from English Board.

“Should the England captain be going on her personal social media calling Deepti a liar? Because that is essentially what she’s doing. No, I don’t think she should be. If there is a bit of upset about the words used, there should be an ECB statement. It should not come out from an England captain’s personal social media account”

Moreover, Greenway countered him, saying that even though she was not a part of the game, but as a skipper, if she feels something doesn’t add up, she has every right to speak about it.

“Heather Knight wasn’t playing in that game, but she’s England captain and if she feels that something has been said that doesn’t match up with what’s happened, then she will say it and she will defend her players fiercely”

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