Helmut Marko hopes for Verstappen to win the title in Japan

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Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko thinks it would be better for Max Verstappen to secure his 2nd World Title in Japan.

Max Verstappen leads Charles Leclerc in drivers’ standings by a mammoth lead of 116 points coming to Singapore. The Dutchman is all set to secure his second world title in a row.

If things go his way, Verstappen has a chance of securing the title in the next race at Singapore itself.

To do so, the Dutchman has to outscore both the Ferrari teammates and win the race. Also, his teammate Sergio Perez should not be on the podium.

However, Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko wouldn’t mind Max Verstappen waiting another whole week to secure his title:

“From a marketing point of view, winning the title would be better in Japan, because of our engine partner Honda,”

Marko told Austrian broadcaster ORF.

“But in general we can assume that Max will be world champion. It’s just a question of when.”

Helmut Marko explains how things turned around for Red Bull

Red Bull has had a disastrous start to the 2022 season. Max Verstappen suffered DNF in two out of three season-opening races.

This started diminishing hopes for Verstappen to defend his title. However, tables turned around quickly as it was now Ferrari who started ding errors costing them points.

These errors which include reliability issues, strategic blunders, and drivers’ errors led to the championship where it stands now – totally in the grip of Red Bull.

“We were 46 points behind after three races,”

Marko added.

“That was predominantly due to the car being overweight. The first failure was caused by a weight-saving measure.

“The second failure was due to technical reasons. Due to the excess weight, the car was initially pushing over the front axle.

“We successively introduced a weight reduction – something like two, three kilos per race. On top of that came a brisk development programme.

“We were mainly concerned with the front end of the car when we made the improvements. Max needs a car that really bites at the front, [one that] turns in very spontaneously.

“What then happens with the rear doesn’t interest Max so much.

“Our car got better and better, Ferrari on the other hand had technical defects, plus driving errors, and so the gap turned into a comfortable lead for us over time.”

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