“Hurry Up!” – Cole Palmer’s playful exchange with former teammate


Chelsea’s Cole Palmer is famous for his playful attitude on the field. He often celebrates his goals by shushing the opposing fans and isn’t shy about expressing himself in interviews. As he grows more confident, we can expect that we will see more of this side of his personality. Even in his social media presence, you can feel his cheerful self-assurance shining through his posts.

Recently, Cole Palmer showcased this aspect of his character in response to his former Man City academy teammate Romeo Lavia, who is now with Chelsea. Lavia has been sidelined due to an injury since joining Chelsea, and the wait for his debut seems never-ending compared to the initial expectations.

Cole Palmer replies to Lavia’s social media post

In a social media post where Lavia mentioned he’d be back soon, Palmer replied with two cheeky words: “hurry up.”

Cole Palmer’s cheeky response echoed the feelings of many eagerly awaiting Lavia’s return to the pitch. It was a light-hearted way of expressing the impatience that the fans and even the players possibly share.

This interaction between Cole Palmer and Lavia shows the friendly banter that exists between former teammates. Palmer’s playful nature and his straightforward “hurry up” comment add a touch of fun to the anticipation surrounding Lavia’s return.

The Man City academy graduate, Cole Palmer, is not only making waves on the pitch but also off it, with his amusing and candid approach in social media interactions. While the comment may have been playful, it reflects the eagerness of fans and teammates alike to see Lavia back in action for Chelsea.

Overall, Cole Palmer’s light-hearted remark captures the friendly spirit between former teammates. Also, it adds a playful touch to the wait for Lavia’s return to the field for Chelsea.

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