ICC to simplify the election of chairman in November-December

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When the elections for the next chairman begin in the months of November-December, the ICC will be following a simple methodology from last time.

This time around, a candidate will be considered elected if he/she manages to get around 51 per cent of the votes.

To make it more simple, the candidate needs the nod of just 9 directors to win the election.

The ICC has not announced any of the candidates as of now.

Greg Barclay can pitch in to remain chairman for two more years.

Mostly all eyes are on BCCI secretary Jay Shah who is looking a worthy successor to Barclay.

In 2020, there was a tough fight between Greg Barclay and Imran Khwaja to become chairman.

Barclay could not muster enough votes in the first round as Khwaja blocked his path.

He had formed a small minority bloc along with Pakistan, Sri Lanka and South Africa to stop Barclay’s ascendancy.

However, in the second round, the BCCI helped to resolve the issue by splitting the votes and thus breaking up the minority bloc.

That’s how Barclay was able to become ICC chairman.

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