IFAB will look at the laws after Havertz’s stuttering penalty against Everton

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IFAB will might have to look at the penalty laws after Kai Havertz’s stuttering penalty against Everton, according to Daily Mail journalist Matt Barlow.

The International Football Association board has made the rule that Goalkeepers should be pinned on the lines when coming against a penalty. But Barlow has stated the point that Havertz made a long pause before taking the penalty kick against Everton. Chelsea drew the scoreline from the spot-kick.

Barlow said in his The Verdict column for the Daily Mail:-

“As it stands, players can feint all they want during the run-up but not on the final stride before the kick.

Kai Havertz maximised it with a heavy pause on his penultimate stride against Everton on Saturday, and he is not the only one. It might be time for IFAB’s lawmakers to revisit the rules.”

Maybe it’s the high time now, IFAB revisit these rules as the goalkeepers are at massive disadvantage against these kind of spot kicks. Penalties are like lotteries as both the penalty taker and the goalkeeper has the opportunities to become hero.

So if penalty takers must use every tool at his disposal to fool the goalkeeper, then why can’t goalkeeper move from his line to save the spot-kick.

Initially the decision made a sense as goalkeeper could make a cheeky walk upto the shot and save it. But now if penalty takers continue to heavily faint before taking the spot kick, then IFAB must have a look at the laws once again.

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