Incoming Blues director Daniel Finkelstein revealed ‘there will be a lot of investment’ after Todd Boehly takeover

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According to Daniel Finkelstein, Todd Boehly will heavily invest once his Chelsea takeover of £4.25 billion will go through. The new Blues director Finkelstein will join the Board after the end of the season. And he is already full of praise for the new Chelsea owner, Todd Boehly.

Finkelstein is a member of the House of Lords, a Conservative peer, and a Chelsea supporter. During an appearance on TalkTV, the show interviewed him on Boehly’s imminent takeover of the London club. Finkelstein said:

“We’re still at the early stages – he’s had a sale agreement with Chelsea and now the government has got to license the sale because it’s a sanctioned club and the Premier League has got to decide that I’m a fit director.”

He continued:

“I think Chelsea is going to get, in Todd Boehly, a fabulous owner – I’m really impressed by him. I was very impressed before I met him, I think in a similar way to him about sport so it was a sort of meeting of minds anyway.

Furthermore, he added:

“I really like him but I think he’s also got big plans. So as a Chelsea fan who was worried when the club had to be sold, I’m looking at how the club can be made better than just how we can stop it becoming worse.” Continuing, he said:

‘The job of the owner is judged by whether we spend money wisely, not just how much we spend. 

“The truth is there is a lot of money behind Todd Boehly’s bid, there will be a lot of investment in the club but it will also be invested wisely.”

Boehly is also a co-owner of the LA Dodgers. He was in attendance at Stamford Bridge where Chelsea drew 2-2 with Wolves.

What Tuchel said about Boehly

Tuchel said that he’s yet to meet Boehly and knows very less about the budget he will get in the summer to spend. Speaking to the press, he said:

“Absolutely not. Maybe if I had, I would not tell you! But I do not have so I don’t need to lie. Nothing has changed for us at Cobham, we are still waiting for the confirmation, for things to progress, to hopefully have news for you and for us, for the team, to inject some positive energy. It feels like it will come to an end and give us possibilities to act but at this very moment it is not like this.”

He further added:

“We are the only club in the moment that suffers like this, maybe the first club that ever did this. It is a situation that is unique and a situation that is quite challenging. Of course, everybody hopes for the situation to be clarified. These are steps in the right direction. We are waiting for it since a long time. We need the positive energy and competitive atmosphere at the club. It is very important for things to progress.”

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