India slumps to the fifth position after loss to South Africa


After South Africa handed India another loss at Newlands, Cape Town, India’s PCT dropped from 55.21 to 49.07 while the Proteas claimed fourth place with a PCT of 66.66.

India is currently placed fifth in the WTC points table. They also lost three championship points due to the slow over-rate.

According to the latest points table, Sri Lanka is sitting at the top of the table, having won both of their Test matches against the West Indies at home. Australia is at second while Pakistan is third.

India’s home assignments include a series against Sri Lanka and Australia and away assignments include Bangladesh and England.

Points System of the WTC

After the inaugural World Test Championship final between India and New Zealand, the ICC decided to change some rules.

According to these rules, each team plays a total of six series- three at home and three away. But it is an unequal number of Tests. This has been done to avoid a disparity between teams.

To even further avoid the disparity, a new system called PCT has been devised. In this system, a team is awarded 12 points if they win, six points for a tie, and four points are shared between teams if the match results in a draw. One championship point is deducted if the team does not maintain the mandated over-rate.

How the PCT is calculated

Let’s have a look at how the PCT is calculated. India has played nine Tests so far. So, if they had won all nine of those Tests, they would have got 108 points (9*12). Instead, they won four, drew two and that takes their tally to 56 points. Additionally, they have been docked three championship points as they failed to maintain the over-rate and fell three overs short of it. Thus, India has only 53 points in this year’s WTC.

That’s why their PCT is also 49.07 much less than Sri Lanka, Australia, and Pakistan. This will really affect India’s chances to make it to the finals of the World Test Championship.

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