Individual team’s road to 2025 WTC final

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Earlier this week, The ICC published 2023-2027 FTP for men’s cricket. Here’s a basic summary for all the teams to touch the top of WTC chart in the 2023-25 cycle.

All team individually will play a total of six series in the coming WTC. It includes three home series and three away series. However, countries like Ireland, Afghanistan and Zimbabwe are not competing in this tournament.

Australia easy to WTC

Home: India, West Indies, Pakistan
Away: New Zealand, England, Sri Lanka

The Australians will play against India a five match test series at their own backyard. They will face the same against England too. Moreover, West Indies will be visiting them, who, hopefully will be an easier opponent to defeat. However, these chances will ease their path to the topmost spot. Pakistan too will visit Australia. Australia never lost a home test against Pakistan.

Australia will the tour New Zealand. New Zealand never won a single test series against the mighty Aussies since 1989/90. Australia even sealed the 2015/16 series by 2-0. Next in the list is Sri Lanka. The last time Australia faced SL, was a series draw.

However, Australia may have to cost a bit of swear against India and England. But, even if they lose a few, they still will enjoy a advantages towards the finale.

Bangladesh to struggle in WTC

Home: New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka
Away: India, West Indies, Pakistan

Well, Bangladesh indeed will struggle a bit. Home series may give some scope of competition. However the away games will look tough for them. Nonetheless, its better not forget their test win against NZ this year.

Four biggies for England

Home: Australia, West Indies, Sri Lanka
Away: New Zealand, India, Pakistan

As seen the from the list, English will have to fight four big names. One is undoubtedly the Australians. The Ashes will be in their home ground though. But the rest two- West Indies and Sri Lanka will be comparatively easier for them.

However, England lost the last two series in New Zealand. Henceforth, they will take time to get comphy in that territory. Nonetheless, Stokes’ men will face ill in India and Pakistan, two against each. However, they have sealed 12 among 30 Test matches they played in Asia since 2010.

Journey tough for India

Home: New Zealand, England, Bangladesh
Away: Australia, West Indies, South Africa New Zealand

New Zealand won the inaugural WTC against India. But NZ was hardly been in ease against India in India. In November 2021, a few months before the WTC final, NZ toured India. They lost to India by 0-1. Moreover, it should be easy for India to face Bangladesh at home and in West Indies.

However, there’s nothing to think it easy for India. Teams like England and South Africa will give wrinkles to India’s forehead.

New Zealand to fight at home

Home: Australia, England, South Africa
Away: India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka

In the FTP 2023-25, NZ aren’t getting any easy team at home. They lost six among the eight home series against England. They even struggle against Australia. Furthermore, New Zealand never won a single Test series against South Africa. In New Zealand, South Africa sealed six series, with three draws. The last was a 1-1 draw this year.

Away, India will be a bit of a challenge. But, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka will comparatively easier components.

Pakistan may change prev records, in WTC

Home: England, West Indies, Bangladesh
Away: Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka

Pakistan will three comparatively easier opponents in 2023-25 WTC. However, England will be a tough call for Pakistan, especially when it’s an away test. Not only that, Australia at their backyard is challenging too. The last time Pakistan won a test in Australia was in 1995/96. The next five were all whitewashes.

Moreover, Pakistan never won a series in South Africa too. Henceforth, Pakistan will love to change the records in 2023-25 WTC.

South Africa to receive favour in WTC

Home: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
Away: New Zealand, West Indies, Bangladesh

South Africa probably got the most comfortable schedule for the coming WTC. Apart from Australia, its the Proteas who has the sheer possibility to touch the top. Sri Lanka has been the only Asian team who won a Test series in South Africa. It was in 2018/19 when the Lankans sealed the series by 2-0 in 2018/19. However but South Africa soon came back, and proved who they are. Nothing can hardly be as favorable as to face three subcontinental countries at home.

Moreover, West Indies and Bangladesh will an easy bet for them. Adding to that, South Africa’s record with New Zealand is great enough to give them a higher seat.

Sri Lanka will face five tough teams

Home: New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan
Away: England, South Africa, Bangladesh

The home series itself look fiery enough, compared to the team they have right now. Apart from that, they will face England and South Africa in the away series, which again is concerning for them in the WTC campaign. Miracles are always encouraged in sports, though.

West Indies, the WTC underdogs

Home: India, South Africa, Bangladesh
Away: Australia, England, Pakistan

In the 2019-21 WTC cycle, West Indies finished sixth. Presently, they are in the sixth position too. Probably, they will finish almost at the same spot 2023-25 WTC. Keeping Bangladesh aside, they are not getting any easier teams to face.

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