Infra Development rights taken away from Uttrakhand, Bihar, North-east, and Puducherry by BCCI

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Over the years the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has focused on the development of infrastructure all over the country. This has certainly been of great importance as we are slowly seeing many youngsters from different states. During this year’s annual meeting, BCCI has taken the responsibility of infrastructure of practice and matches, from Uttrakhand, Bihar, North-eastern states, and Puducherry. This will mean that the Cricket Associations will no longer be controlling the matters of development.

In the 90th Annual General Meeting which was held in Kolkata, this decision was taken. The decision by BCCI will for sure affect the respective state bodies as infrastructure development was among their main work till now.

According to sources, three main reasons behind such steps are:- infighting, slow progress of the development work, and lack of funds.

Monitoring of the CAU

The BCCI has been monitoring the situation of the Cricket Association of Uttrakhand. They are concerned about the infighting in the board. Last month the apex board took the voting rights from the CAU. However, later the rights were given back to the Cricket Association of Uttarakhand.

According to an official of CAU, the main reason for the rights of infrastructure development is for sure the infighting. Over the years many members are having infighting within the association. This has caused the slowing down of many things that are being controlled by the CAU. Moreover, the BCCI was also not happy with the slow development of playing and practicing infrastructure. 

It is also being reported that the members are happy with the decision taken by the BCCI. The proper management of the facilities needed a big capital as well which was tough for CAU to provide. 

The budget of the 2021-2022 season was also declared at the annual meeting of the BCCI. It is reported that BCCI secretary Jay Shah will be the one who will look after the infrastructure development of Uttarakhand from now on. 

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