IPL 2021: Argument Between Ashwin And Morgan Led To Controversy

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Both Ravichandran Ashwin and Eoin Morgan certainly wasn’t much friendly to each other in their last match. R Ashwin, playing for Delhi Capitals wouldn’t have meant anything wrong. But on the field, things could get messy. On the race of playoffs, Kolkata is pretty desperate this season. And some heat on the ground is destined to ignite in their well-being.

Ashwin’s Complicated Relation With England Cricketers

Last time he had an argument with Joss Butler in IPL two years before. R Ashwin don’t have a good past with England cricketers. They somehow always get to each other for some heated moments and not exactly the nice ones. In the last match when DC was batting and KKR was fielding. Rishabh Pant went to play for a single but the ball hit him on his body. Then, Ashwin ran for the single. But according to Morgan it was a disgrace for players to run on that collision. The ball didn’t even touch Pant’s bat. Morgan had an opinion so he passed a comment which Ashwin didn’t like and got angry.

In the heat of the moment, Ashwin and Morgan didn’t even understand each other. Thus the misunderstanding and unfriendly arguments. Though according to the rules of cricket, it is allowed to run after the ball touches the body. The passion for the cricket or the desperation for the two points, heated arguments have became normal in IPL.

In the Post match interview against CSK, Ashwin was asked about the incident between Morgan. And he said, “Look, I think it’s definitely not a personal battle or one on one battle and I wouldn’t deem it like that at all. People who want attention may be taking it that way, but I am not looking at it that way at all,”

Ashwin added “I was not the one who was aware that it had hit Rishabh. So I just felt like they had already decided they were going to have a go, and that is one of the reasons why I said the words that were used were not in the right direction and not in the right space.”

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