IPL 2021 CSK vs DC: Most Reputed Umpire Spotted Making Mistakes Again

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On Monday in the IPL, Delhi Capitals(DC) were denied a clear no-ball by the umpire in the final over of the match against Chennai Super Kings(CSK). Dwayne Bravo’s delivery didn’t land on the pitch. And it’s should’ve been called a no-ball. However, they gave it a fair ball.

It isn’t the first time in this year that something like this has happened. Almost every game as some moments where umpire’s decision has been unexplainable. IPL this year has produced a lot of amazing and adventurous moments in the game. And the Umpires are making it overwhelming with their presence. Since the second leg has began…umpires have received several criticism and trolls from fans and experts. However, certain umpiring decisions were tough. But this doesn’t allow them to give a unclear, unfair decisions. Often the third umpire’s decision has made people go into some deep thinking which took them to frustration.

CSK v DC: Third Umpire Goes Wrong in IPL

The last match between DC and CSK was an another event of ordinary decisions by the 3rd umpire. The final over of the match was crucial for both the teams. Fans were pumped up with emotions when Bravo was bowling. He was given the responsibility of defending 6 runs. The second ball of the over didn’t even land on the pitch because Bravo stepped out. And it was pretty clear but it wasn’t not enough clear to the third umpire.

Field umpires given it a no ball but after later discussions from the third umpire, the decision changed. Although, the players quickly ran two runs and also won the game. As a result, CSK lost the game. But mistakes like this could easily reflect on the wins and lose of the teams.

According to the Law 61, the umpire is bound to signal a no-ball if the ball pitches wholly or partially off the pitch without any further discussions. The decision by the third umpire to change the decision of the on field umpire…left everyone baffled.

Although, for Delhi Capitals(DC) thankfully, the wrong decision affected them much. And they won the game the end and sighed a breath of relief.

Shikhar Dhawan was the highest run scorer and Hetmyer played the finisher and helped the team to win. The match was a total drama and the umpiring controversy made it more dramatic.

Delhi Capitals after this match sits on top of the table with 20 points in 13 matches in IPL 2021.

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