IPL continues to grow manifold

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The Indian Premier League continues to grow exceptionally. The best T20 League in the world is breaking records on all fronts including viewership and money. IPL has a very strong fanbase in Asia. The viewership is at its peak during the 6-week tournament. This results in high advertising rates during this period.

What did the Coca-Cola Vice-President say?

“The only option for brands to gain a faster reach and build up is through live sports,”

said Arnab Roy, vice president and head of marketing for Coca-Cola India and Southwest Asia.

However, advertising in the Indian Premier League (IPL) has grown too expensive, he noted.
Coca-Cola will be the official sponsor of all ICC tournaments. This includes the men’s and women’s T20 World Cups, as well as the Men’s Cricket World Cup in India in 2023.

“With ICC, we feel happy about the price we pay, and we believe it is a highly beneficial investment.”

It is one of our long-standing collaborations, and we continue to strengthen it.

“We have significant value not just in India, but also in other markets,”

Roy added.

However, IPL advertising rates are set to rise.

“And we believe it is incredibly pricey.”

At the end of the day, it is a game of return on investment.

“We haven’t decided whether or not to promote in the IPL,”

he added.
Roy refused to provide the company’s advertising budget for India. But he stated,

“We would not slash marketing costs since the category is all about marketing.” So far, this year has been a tremendous business year.”

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