Is Pierre Gasly leaving Alpha Tauri?

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Pierre Gasly might be leaving Scuderia Alpha Tauri after the 2023 season.

Pierre Gasly’s future at Alpha Tauri is looking highly uncertain. The French driver has a contract signed with the team till the end of the 2023 season. With, Helmut Marko saying that “he is free to go” at the end of the next season, the future of Pierre Gasly comes under huge speculation.

Gasly has long awaited a return to the Red Bull F1 team after he was dropped from the team mid-season in 2019. However, it looks like he won’t be getting to drive a red bull soon enough with Red Bull being unsure whether Gasly deserves the seat or not.

Moreover, who will replace the 26-year-old at Alpha Tauri also becomes an area of interest. With many young talents in line, who could probably replace Gasly?

Juri Vips was the main contender. However, following his racial slur while live streaming he was dropped to Red Bull junior driver from Formula 2.

Juri Vips was streaming the Call of duty video game on twitch when the incident happened.

“media unleashed such a sh*tstorm” – Helmut Marko on the incident

Helmut Marko was certainly not pleased, with how the events turned out. Marko blamed English media for making a hoax of the incident and eventual action on Juri Vips by Red Bull:

“The English media unleashed such a sh*tstorm that Red Bull Racing had no choice but to remove him from office,”

he told

“I personally think he is 21 years old and has apologized.”

Vips later apologized publicly through a post on instagram.

VIps has even driven for Red Bull at an FP1 session at the Spanish Grand Prix this season.

Marko was most frustrated by the fact that this all happened while Vips was playing a video game, something he tagged as “stupid“.

“What bothers me is that it happened during a stupid video game because they have nothing better to do in the afternoon.

“I don’t understand how you can do that for more than two minutes, but hey, that’s the youth. I can’t do anything with it. Max does it too with sim racing.”

Although Vips was sacked by Red Bull, the F2 team Hitech Grand Prix team believes the Estonian driver deserves a second chance. Team principal Oliver Oakes, just like Helmut Marko was also frustrated by Vips playing a video game.

“I don’t know why he was streaming C.O.D. at that time of day,”

Oakes said in an official statement.

“Certainly, there are things that would have been far more beneficial for his career!”

Dennis Hauger – next in line?

With Juri Bips out of contention, the next person in line could be Dennis Hauger. The Norwegian racer is also a Red Bull junior driver currently taking part in Formula 2. He is a reigning F3 world champion.

However, even after his incredible record in F3, the 19-year-old has struggled to adapt in F2.

Red Bull has 4 junior drivers currently in F2 and Hauger is the lowest (in standings) among them all.

Nevertheless, he appears to be the favorite among all for a career in F1. Helmut Marko said this about the Norwegian driver stating its “difficult” to predict the future:

“Dennis Hauger has dominated Formula 3 in an incredible way,” said Marko. “He now has ups and downs in Formula 2, he is not constant. Performance and nothing else is the deciding factor. That is changeable.”

“People who we thought could do it suddenly couldn’t do it anymore and vice versa. That is why it is difficult to make predictions,”

added Marko.

Nevertheless, Helmut Marko’s comments indicate that Pierre Gasly’s exit is somewhat certain from the Red Bull family. Who will eventually replace the French driver still remains in speculation though.

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