Ishant Sharma speaks about his time under playing Ravi Shastri

Ravi Shastri

Ishant Sharma recently spoke about his former coach, Ravi Shastri. He recalled the coach’s unique style of management that left a lasting impact on him. According to Ishant, Shastri’s approach was not easy to deal with, as he would say things that would hurt, pinch, and even drive players mad.

Ishant Sharma on cricbuzz special show

Despite this, Ishant went on to acknowledge the significant role that Shastri played in his growth as a player. He credited the coach for knowing how to extract the best out of his players. In Ishant’s view, Shastri’s management style has had a tremendous impact on him, and he is grateful for the experience.
Ishant’s remarks came during an episode of the Cricbuzz Specials Show, The Rise of New India, where he reflected on his career as a cricketer. The discussion highlighted the importance of coaches and their impact on players’ growth and development. Overall, Ishant’s comments provide insight into the complex relationship between coaches and players in the world of cricket.

“Ravi bhai has had a lot of impact in our growth. The biggest was that he would always have positive things to say, even if we endured a poor match. Another one of his strengths is that he knows how to bring the best out of a player,”

said Ishant.

According to him, Shastri’s remarks were capable of causing emotional distress, irritation, and frustration. He believed that Shastri intentionally provoked Ishant to incite him to perform at his maximum potential during the game.

Like with me, he knows that if he has to make me give by 100 percent, I need to get angry. So he would say things that hurt you, pinch you. It drove you mad,”

Ishant added.

“He sensed what each player needed to hear and work things accordingly to channel that emotion. That’s how he used to deal with an individual. However, after the match was over, he would get back to being a totally different person. He said things like ‘Forget if you’ve had a bad match. Focus on the next game,”

said, Ishant.

I Sharma created a unique record

Ishant, under the guidance of Shastri, became the second Indian fast bowler to participate in 100 Test matches. Only the renowned captain Kapil Dev has played more Tests as a pacer than him. Ishant’s most recent Test match for India was against New Zealand in Kanpur in November 2021.

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