Jadon Sancho is ‘overestimating his importance’ at United says Berbatov

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Former Manchester United forward Dimitar Berbatov says Jadon Sancho must apologise to Erik Ten Hag after their dispute made public. He said that the winger is ‘overestimating his importance’ in the squad. Moreover, Roy Keane, former United defender, was among the first to call on Sancho to ‘show some humility’. Now, Berbatov also appears to agree with Keane after his latest conversation.

Berbatov opens up in a conversation about Jadon Sancho

In a talk with Betfair, Berbatov said, “If it continues like this, Jadon Sancho going to go nowhere at the club.” The former United adds,

“I’m very disappointed that a situation like this has been made public and a lot of people are discussing it. Things like this happen often, but they’re not made public.”

Players will fight with their managers, players, club staff, or even themselves, but it’s not often goes public. When it’s about a big club like United, then people will talk about it and interpret it differently.”

“In this case, Sancho has been there for over two years and it’s still not working out for him. Sancho must know this, too, and maybe that’s where his dissatisfaction is coming from. When you know you’re not producing, you can be angry with yourself and your manager and this can lead to a bust-up like this.”

Though, Berbatov had a pessimistic opinion for Sancho and feud’s resolution and said,

Sometimes a player, and I hope this isn’t the case for Sancho, who takes this long to resolve conflict has overestimated his own value to the club. I was at the club when Wayne Rooney had a fallout with the manager, and they sorted things out. I think Sancho is overestimating his importance. He’s not won that many trophies with them. It’s a different situation.”

Sancho joined the club from Dortmund for £73million move in 2021 but has struggled to live up to the promise shown in Bundesliga. In his 82 appearances, Sancho has scored just 12 goals and registering six assists for United.

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