Jakub Kiwior’s transfer saga: Arsenal and AC Milan lock horns

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Amidst AC Milan‘s persistent quest to bolster their defensive lineup during the January transfer window, Arsenal‘s firm stance on the potential departure of Jakub Kiwior has created a significant hurdle in negotiations. Calciomercato sheds light on Milan’s pressing need to fortify their defensive options, with Kiwior emerging as top target for them. However, the contrasting desires of both clubs have resulted in an impasse regarding the player’s future.

Despite Jakub Kiwior’s limited playing time under Mikel Arteta’s reign, Arsenal is unwavering in their stance on the defender’s departure. The Gunners are disinclined to approve a ‘temporary exit‘ for Jakub Kiwior in the upcoming transfer window. Instead, they insist on a permanent departure. They are aiming to recoup the significant €25 million expenditure made in January the previous year to secure his services.

AC Milan’s pursuit for Jakub Kiwior and negotiation challenges

AC Milan’s urgency to reinforce their defensive unit has thrust Jakub Kiwior into the spotlight as a viable solution. However, the contrasting aspirations of the clubs have led to a standoff in negotiations. Milan, prefer a loan arrangement with an option to purchase rather than a mandatory clause. This preference has resulted in a disparity between the parties involved, impeding the progress of a potential transfer deal.

The Rossoneri view Jakub Kiwior as a prime candidate to address their immediate defensive concerns while also offering prospects for future growth. Nevertheless, Arsenal’s resolute stance on a permanent departure and insistence on recovering their initial investment in the player stand as formidable obstacles.

As Milan seek a solution akin to the Tomori deal, discussions between the clubs seem to have hit an impasse. Despite the Polish defender being Milan’s top priority to bolster their defensive ranks, the conflicting preferences between Arsenal and Milan leave a substantial gap in negotiations, leaving Jakub Kiwior’s future hanging in the balance.

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