Tottenham Stars Unfazed by Arsenal’s Title Hopes Ahead of Clash with Manchester City

James Maddison

As Tottenham are preparing to face Manchester City, two of their key players, Dejan Kulusevski and James Maddison, have made it clear that their focus remains solely on their own season objectives, despite the potential implications for rivals Arsenal in the Premier League title race.

With Arsenal leading the title race by a single point going into the final week of the campaign, Tottenham‘s clash with City could inadvertently aid their north London rivals. However, Spurs’ squad is adamant about their commitment to their own performance and ambitions.

James Maddison and Dejan Kulusevski’s views

Dejan Kulusevski and James Maddison emphasize Tottenham’s unwavering focus on their own season objectives, dismissing any concern about the ramifications of their match against Manchester City for Arsenal’s title hopes. Their priority remains securing a top-four finish, with hopes resting on a victory and results elsewhere.

Despite recent fan frustrations over the timing of celebrations, Kulusevski highlights Tottenham’s enthusiasm for facing formidable opponents like City. He emphasizes the team’s readiness to take on challenges and exploit any weaknesses in the opposition’s playstyle, demonstrating their competitive spirit.

James Maddison echoes the sentiment of dedication to Tottenham’s own performance, emphasizing the importance of finishing the season strongly. He reaffirms the team’s commitment to giving their all in every match, with Champions League qualification still within reach, leaving discussions about assisting Arsenal to the fans.

Postecoglou’s Determination

Spurs’ manager, Ange Postecoglou, echoes his players’ sentiments, emphasizing their readiness to compete against City despite the potential implications for Arsenal’s title aspirations.

He expresses confidence in Tottenham’s ability to challenge top teams and aims to focus on their style of play, irrespective of external factors. Postecoglou acknowledges the significant gap between Tottenham and the league leaders but remains optimistic about his team’s ability to make an impact.

He sees the match as an opportunity for Tottenham to showcase their potential and push for a positive result, regardless of the broader context.

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