James Maddison blasts the EA FC video game for the low rating of Declan Rice

James Maddison

James Maddison who donned the colors of Tottenham Hotspur has publicly lauded the shooting skills of Declan Rice. In the newly released EA FC 24 video game, Maddison‘s critique revolves around Rice’s shooting rating in the game, which stands at a modest 65.

However, James Maddison, having witnessed Rice‘s impressive shooting abilities during their time together in the England squad, firmly believes that this rating doesn’t do justice to Rice‘s capabilities. Specifically, James Maddison commended Rice‘s “far-post whips” and argued that his shooting rating should be considerably higher. He emphasized that assessing Rice‘s shooting prowess should not be solely based on the number of goals he scores. He suggests that the current rating is somewhat unjust.

It’s noteworthy that James Maddison isn’t the first of Rice’s teammates to extol his shooting skills. Tomas Soucek, in a previous interview on the Premier League’s YouTube channel, also attested to Rice‘s abilities in this department. These endorsements underscore the untapped potential for Declan Rice to contribute more goals. Even though he is not primarily known as a goal scorer.

The underrated skills of Declan Rice

With the freedom to push forward and a boost in confidence, Declan Rice could unquestionably become a valuable asset. In terms of finding the back of the net. This renewed focus on his shooting abilities might inspire him to further explore his offensive potential. This potentially reshaped how he is perceived on the field.

Maddison‘s observations not only highlight Rice‘s underrated skills. It also sheds light on the complexities of player evaluations in virtual representations of the game. Rice‘s virtual shooting rating may not fully capture his abilities. Maddison‘s comments bring attention to the need for more nuanced assessments that go beyond traditional statistics. As Declan Rice continues to develop as a player, his prowess in various aspects of the game, including shooting, may become increasingly recognized and appreciated.

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