Jamie O’Hara Criticizes Mikel Arteta’s Transfer Decision

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Jamie O’Hara has voiced his opinion that Kai Havertz will not succeed at Arsenal and believes the player was not of sufficient quality for his previous club, Chelsea. The outspoken pundit is critical of Arsenal’s decision to sign the German international. Suggesting that Mikel Arteta has made a significant error in judgment.

Despite Kai Havertz’s struggles at Chelsea last season, Arsenal has reportedly paid £65 million to their London rivals for the German international, as confirmed by Sky Sports. Jamie O’Hara, expressing his views on talkSPORT Breakfast. Remains skeptical about Havertz’s potential success at the Emirates. The pundit believes it will be intriguing to see how Mikel Arteta utilizes the versatile forward. Who primarily operated as a number nine at Chelsea, despite doubts about his suitability for that position. With Granit Xhaka’s departure to Germany, there is an opportunity for someone to fill the left-sided number eight role. O’Hara questions whether Havertz will be given that chance or if Martin Odegaard will drop back, allowing Havertz to take on the number ten role. Regardless, O’Hara remains unconvinced that this signing will prove fruitful for Arsenal.

Jamie O’Hara and his thoughts

O’Hara expressed his doubts about Kai Havertz’s ability, stating, “He can’t even hit a barn door.” He also claimed that Havertz was not up to par for Chelsea, leading to his departure from the club. O’Hara firmly believes that Havertz will be a disappointment at Arsenal, stating, “I am telling you now that Kai Havertz will be a flop at Arsenal.” He further added that he is uncertain about Havertz’s suitability for Arsenal’s style of play. Suggesting that the signing may not fit well with the team’s overall approach.

Havertz is in poise to defy his critics and prove them wrong, with a crucial factor being Mikel Arteta. Arteta’s discerning eye for talent, ability to develop players, and knack for extracting the best performances from those who previously struggled are significant. Noteworthy examples include Gabriel Martinelli and Bukayo Saka, two young talents hailing from Brazil and England respectively. Who have flourished under Arteta’s guidance. Additionally, Arteta displayed faith in Aaron Ramsdale, a player who had experienced two relegations. And now witnesses him thriving. Furthermore, even players like the departed Granit Xhaka showcased their finest form under the Spanish coach. Arteta’s role is pivotal, as he has the potential to unlock Havertz’s true potential without a doubt.

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