Joe Cole said he feels ‘sorry’ for Chelsea and Mauricio Pochettino

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Former Chelsea man Joe Cole admits that he feels ‘sorry’ for Mauricio Pochettino and Chelsea. Cole said this following a defeat of Pochettino and his men at Stamford Bridge against Brentford. The Blues were defeated 2-0 at home in the Premier League and currently stand 11th in the table. Moreover, Cole was dejected at full-time calling for the owners to improve the club. Pochettino joined the club in summer following the sacking of Graham Potter and the interim manager Frank Lampard.

Cole sends a message for Pochettino and owners

Joe Cole was speaking live on TNT Sports. He said,

“I feel sorry for Mauricio, same as I felt sorry for Frank [Lampard], I felt sorry for [Graham] Potter and Thomas Tuchel, because they’re all top managers, and you’re coming into a club which is very, very unstable.

“The new owners have come in, and they’ve been in there a while now. And one of the points we’ve said, we want stability, continuity, but it’s one thing saying we’re going to have these things as our culture, but then on the flip side, you’re changing managers at strange times, the planning on signing players is not being explained to the fans or even explained to the players or the manager.

“So I feel sorry for the coaches, and their heads ultimately will roll like the previous managers before them. But if you’re going to have these things that you live and die by – this is what we are at Chelsea, we’re going to grow young players, we’re going to do stick with the managers – then you’ve got to live them values every day.

“I said when Mauricio come in, I thought he was an outstanding manager, perfect [to] rebuild the club. But you have to remember the connection. He will be seen with Tottenham. I said if Chelsea have a difficult start to the season these fans… fans are tribal by nature so they’re frustrated and they’re lashing out on Mauricio and ultimately, he’s trying his best, the players are trying their best, but there’s just something that isn’t quite right yet.”

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