Jorginho is proving to be a great asset for Arsenal even from the sidelines

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After his time spent with Arsenal, Jorginho proved a reliable player on the pitch, and recently outside it as well.

The player joined the club in an unfortunate time, standing witness to an unexpected loss to Everton Back during February. A loss which ruined their chance at snatching the Premier league title from Manchester City‘s hands, which fans took poorly.

And while the wounds of that loss still recover, Jorginho is adamant to prove his worth to the Gunners. As seen by his performance later on against Aston Villa where he broke the tie finishing securing a 2-1 victory.

Still, the player is not a regular starter as he cannot fit in most formations, but he will see play. In the same manner as Gabriel Magalhaes, he will be find a place on the pitch when the is right. As Mikel Artera clarified that adaptability and injury avoidance will require the use of the the entire roster, including Jorginho.

Charles Watts admires the efforts of Jorginho shows for Arsenal

According to’s correspondent Charles Watts, the player takes Artera’s mantle and tries to guide his companions from the sidelines.

“You see, Jorginho, he almost manages the game from the touchline when he is doing the warm-ups. You can see the way he is coaching players. Coaching his teammates. Always one of the first players on the pitch to celebrate a goal. He is such a team player.” Said Watts.

Watts goes on to show his admiration to the player’s lack of idleness even when he is not in play. The player has the respect of many in the dressing room and his to them guidance is very much appreciated.

And despite some rumours of the Turkish Beşiktaş’s interest, Jorginho will not be leaving any time soon.

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