Jorginho opens up why his mother broke down in Arsenal dressing room

Jorginho Mykhailo Mudryk

Jorginho tells the story of why his mother broke down when she saw his Arsenal shirt in the dressing room. Jorginho’s mother was seen tearing up after seeing her son’s shirt hanging in the Arsenal dressing room. The Italian shares the story behind it. Jorginho grew up with his parents in Imbituba, a coastal town in Brazil. Therefore it is where the player learned his skills in football. While his mother spent majority of the day working as cleaner to put food on their plates. She worked hard to earn money to buy her son’s football equipment. Furthermore if she found some free time, she would often practice some football with her son to improve his technical skills. They would often times practice with each other in the beaches of Brazil. In a recent interview Jorginho opened up about the special bond he shares with his mother.

Jorginho opens up about his relationship with his mother in an interview

In an recent interview Jorginho opened up about his bond with his mother. The Italian shared, “My mum is my big inspiration. “She did everything to ensure that I would become the best I could be. She always tried to do her best to educate me and my sister, teach us to be good people in the future, and not just look out for ourselves.” He also spoke about the influence she had on him for playing football. Jorginho shared, “She absolutely loves football and we always talk about it. She is always on the phone with me talking about the game, commenting on the games, on everything I’ve done.” He further went on, “Whenever we speak she tells me about what she thought of my performances. She normally tells me off when she thinks of something that I didn’t do very well. I don’t get many compliments from her, to be honest! She is a tough coach for me.”

Earlier this week, the player’s mother travelled from Brazil to North London. There she was seen tearing up after spotting Jorginho’s shirt in the Arsenal dressing room. Jorginho explained what it means to his mother seeing him succeed in football. Therefore those were indeed happy tears from his mother as she sees her son playing for one of the biggest club in football.

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