Jos Buttler makes bizarre statement on non-striker run out

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India all-rounder Deepti Sharma running out England’s batter Charlotte Dean has been the talk of the town. It was in the final ODI match of the series at the Lord’s last week, when Dean was guarding the nonstriker’s end, but crossed the crease before the ball came off, hence was ran out. Since then, a number of debates came into the scene. However, MCC had earlier clarified it as a “run-out” and not an “unfair law”. However, the spirit of the gentlemen’s game has been the biggest concern here. Jos Buttler, however, had something different, a rather bizarre opinion on this.

Jos Buttler, the present white ball captain of England has earlier been a victim of this. While playing for Rajasthan Royals in 2019, he faced the same, from Ravichandran Ashwin. Ashwin who was representing Kings XI Punjab then eventually shared the same dressing room with Buttler in 2022. Reason? Both represented Rajasthan Royals this season. Even though there shared a great camaraderie, the cuts however might still seem raw to Buttler.

I’ll call batsman back even in World Cup final: Jos Buttler

However, Buttler didn’t deny the importance of staying within the crease. The batter must stay inside till the bowler release the ball to the pitch.

However, Buttler believes this as totally unsporting to use this more of “run out”. While asked, if Buttler will use this in WC, he said the Talk Spot,

“No, I am calling the batsman back. No one wants to see them in the game because they always create such a talking point when it should be about the battle between bat and ball and watching great games of cricket. They always seem to happen at unsavoury times.”

Buttler however, admitted that the rule is to keep the batters aside from having unfair advantages. But he still wants someone to address the “grey areas”.

Buttler added,

“I understand you have to have the rule there so people can’t just gain an unfair advantage, but I think they should re-word it because the way the law is written gives a lot of grey areas – with the “expected to bowl” part so maybe if they just tightened that up.”

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