Journalist analyse Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s strategy to take full control of United

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Journalist Kaveh Solhekol analyse Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s strategy to full control of Manchester United in the upcoming future.

The British Billionaire is expected to purchase 25 percent stake for the Premier League club for a free around £1.3 billion. Hence Ratcliffe’s company INEOS will take control over United’s footballing operations.

Meanwhile, speaking on Sky Sports News Chief, Solhekol said :-

“It’s a very complicated deal but I think that is why it is taking a little bit longer than anticipated.

“We’re approaching the endgame and I think that is going to be Sir Jim Ratcliffe buying at least a minority stake to begin with.”

Journalist shares the details of the deal

Journalist Kaveh Solhekol shares the details of the deal as it will be discussed in board meeting of the club. He further said :-

“This is a regular board meeting tomorrow (Thursday). It’s been in the diary for a long time. The board meeting has not been to discuss or ratify a specific deal. So I would be surprised if there was any announcement tomorrow about Sir Jim Ratcliffe buying 25 per cent of Manchester United.

“The deal that Ratcliffe is trying to do with the Glazer family is a very, very complex deal because he wants to buy a minority stake to begin with.

“The Glazer family own 69 per cent of the club, so you’ve got to think about the other 31 per cent of the shares that are list on the New York Stock Exchange as well.

You have to do a deal probably for the B shares own by the Glazers. The A shares that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange. But then there has to be an agreement about Ratcliffe buying the rest of the shares and owning the whole club, if that is what he wants to do.

“Also there has to be an agreement over his control of the football side of the operation when he only owns 25 per cent of the club.”

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