Journalist David Ornstein talks about the future of Benjamin Sesko

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Benjamin Sesko has been making the headlines as lot of top clubs are interested in him. Some of the Premier League giants also want to welcome the striker to England. Recently it is reported that Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea are interested in Slovenian international. Journalist David Ornstein had his say about the Sesko situation from the information he received.

There will be lot of action seen for strikers in the transfer market from the Premier League clubs. Some of the names like Victor Osimhen have been linked to more than one clubs. Benjamin Sesko is the latest addition to the list of players which could be seen making their way to England next season. Arsenal have already revealed their plan of signing a striker next season. The same is the situation with Chelsea. Manchester United have also been seen going after a striker who can be consistent throughout the league. David Ornstein on The Athletic FC Podcast, talked about the information he received regarding Sesko’s future.

David Ornstein about Benjamin Sesko

Journalist David Ornstein said that Sesko’s performances have been of highest levels and the Slovenian striker has been catching eyes of big clubs from when he was at Salzburg. He believes that Sesko will be the player who will be most talked about just as previous market. Ornstein says that due to technology everything is advance nowadays. This is the reason every club can easily monitor talents from across the world. Ornstein believes that the 21 year old striker fits the criteria of a striker making him key target for the big clubs.

Ornstein continued about how Sesko attracted Leipzig when he was at Salzburg. The move from Salzburg to Leipzig was easily completed due to the shared ownership between the two clubs. However after only an year with the German club, Sesko could be seen making his way away from Germany in summer market.

Ornstein said that Arsenal are very interested in Slovenian international. He continued that Sesko is one of the top targets for the Gunners. However there is not anything happening currently. The talks are being reported between the two clubs and Sesko’s agent. However Ornstein there is still lot to happen and the outcome can easily change. According to him anything can close a deal like if due to the numbers not working. So there is no concrete information about anything just yet.

Arsenal have upper hand over Manchester United

Ornstein believes that Sesko could highly end up at Arsenal rather than Manchester United. The journalist believes that it will be very hard for the red devils to sign Sesko. There are various factors like Management and Finance that make the deal hard. Other than those, Sesko could be able to play in Champions League if he moved to Arsenal. This gives Gunners an upper hand over Red Devils if they both decide to join the race.

Benjamin Sesko’s future

Ornstein said that RB Leipzig want to keep the 21 year striker. The German club is also planning to offer Sesko a new and improved contract. According to current contract Sesko has £55 million release clause. Arsenal have no problem in triggering the release clause. However it could be little tough to both Chelsea and Manchester United as both of these clubs are on the verge of breaching profitability and sustainability rules. For the deal to happen a lot of things are required like the release clause, salary of player and comission of agent as well. However Ornstein stated that Premier League has faith that the Slovenian international will end up at England this summer.

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